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Very well-done De Gruijter

Throughput the entire process, from preparation to execution, the teams at De Gruijter have provided the greatest care and succeeded in making this a pleasant event to remember.
The relentless dedication of the team, the smiles on their faces, the laughter we’ve shared and the songs we’ve sung whilst packing almost sound like this was an easy job to do.
To anyone looking for a seasoned moving company with a personal touch, there’s no need to look further!
Very well-done De Gruijter, you have well exceeded our expectations, a warm thank you to you all!

Mr Jan Hein Alfrink

Relocation from Switzerland to the Netherlands

And again they did not disappoint!

We had already moved with De Gruijter from Germany to the Netherlands 3 years ago, and were very happy with their services back then.
Now we had to move again, this time within the Netherlands, and based on our last experience asked De Gruijter to support us.
And again they did not disappoint!

The overall process was very well organized, from the initial contact to the completed move it was a smooth and pleasant experience.
All people involved were very friendly and capable, in the end we are now in our new apartment with everything reassembled and in the same condition as before the move, and all packing materials being taken away.
Thank you!


And again they did not disappoint!

Incredibly happy with the service

I was incredibly happy with the service I received from De Gruijter & Co. at every step of the moving process. I moved somewhat last minute, during the period of COVID restrictions and they made the process so smooth!! They got back to me after my initial inquiry almost immediately, took care of the entire process from estimating the size of the shipment, to preparing a quotation, to coordinating a timely removal on very short notice, to arranging with the delivery company in Canada to ensure my belongings were delivered as quickly as possible. They responded to my many questions via email or phone, always very quickly, and I felt like they really went the extra mile. All my belongings arrived in perfect condition in record time. Moving during the pandemic was incredibly challenging, and the shipping of my belongings was by far the easiest part thanks to de Gruijter. Thank you again for an excellent service! ”

Emily Petroff

Incredibly happy with the service

Very excellent moving company

The communication with the planner , Lucas, was perfect. He did everything he could to make the move as fast as possible. It was much appreciated. The people who did the packing were friendly, handled everything with care and were surprisingly fast. No left over material was left behind. I can just strongly recommend this company if you need to move your belongings internationally.

Thank you very much!

Chantal Bergs

Very excellent moving company

Any move is a very critical part of our own life, surely when our long-distance moves occur across countries and we have to deal with particular furniture. Therefore I was thinking carefully about the best choice possible for moving, we will never have a second chance. After some web surfing, I encountered among others the Royal Dutch Movers De Gruijter & Co. I had to arrange a long moving from the middle of The Netherlands down to the southest part of Italy and I contacted four Dutch movers. Three visited my home and examined my furniture and listened to my wishes.

Survey and quotation

I noticed immediately how differently Royal De Gruijter & Co looked at my furniture, as they didn’t care so much about the volume but about the kind of furniture (glass, paintings, antiquaria). In contrast to the other movers, Royal De Gruijter & Co came with different options for a safe transportation, ranging from the kind of ferry up to the external elevators to bring all the furniture into my new home. Now it was simply up to me. A choice that was now rather simple, as the other movers came with comparable prices. The difference at that moment was the quality of the move, but to make it even more easy, Royal De Gruijter & Co provided even a gorgeous warranty and they would pack and unpack all my stuff, both in my old house as in my new home.

The Royal De Gruijter & Co moving experience

They came and packed carefully all my household goods. I only had to tell them into which new room in Italy they had to unpack my stuff. The packing was highly impressive, I had simply nothing else to do than to look with surprise and admiration. One week later, they arrived exactly at the hour they wrote in our contract (but they kept me updated by emails). Royal De Gruijter & Co unpacked my furniture in the right new rooms and without any damage. When I asked for feedback I was touched by the commitment and evident experience of those working there. And one of the nicest things was just to meet again below my new home the same guys who packed so carefully my furniture in The Netherlands. Again, something like this happens only once and I cannot do anything else than be very grateful to Royal De Gruijter & Co for the offered (and provided!) service and I strongly recommend them hereby for any international move. And thank you all!

Best choice possible for moving!

Stellar Service

I was deeply impressed by the stellar quality of your service from end-to-end. The quoting was prompt, professional, accommodating all our personal needs and my employer’s procurement process. The price was highly competitive next to 3 other quotes. Furthermore, the crew has been professional, courteous, prompt, efficient; there was not a single fault. This was the best move we ever had, I am highly recommending your service to all international people I am in contact with. 



Relocation from Den Haag to London

A local removal in Amsterdam

Dear Jan-Willem,

again thanks a lot for your support in moving houses and especially the fact that it again was done in an extremely smooth way. Great team doing the move and fantastic service!

Thanks and again compliments to team De Gruijter


Kind regards

Nina & Wolfgang

Verhuizen binnen Amsterdam
Local move in Amsterdam

Removal from Turkey to The Netherlands

Hi Roxane,

Well…. the container arrived in good shape and we moved in. First of all, I would like to thank you and all your colleagues for your speedy help and attention.

It went flawlessly.




Removal from Turkey to The Netherlands

From The Netherlands to Cambridgeshire, UK


Dear Roxane,

Everything went very smoothly indeed. I’m very happy with the service. Thanks very much!


Best Wishes,


verhuizen naar Engeland
From The Netherlands to Cambridgeshire, UK

Exceptional service and kindness

                           DE GRUIJTER & CO.


In November, 2013, I received a letter from De Gruijter & Co., the Royal Dutch Movers, telling me that they had discovered in their stores a metal case with private documents of my Grandfather Casper Baron van Breugel Douglas. With the letter came photographs. I was moved when I saw colored drawings made by my Grandfather and his sister, of the time when they were children before WWI. I knew that De Gruijter had been the mover of my Grandfather throughout his diplomatic career. What is the mystery of this metal case? I believe that my Grandfather deposited these papers with De Gruijter just before WWII to protect them. When the Netherlands were invaded, my Grandfather, who was then Ambassador in Athens, joined the Dutch government in exile in London, presided by Queen Wilhelmina, and was sent first as Ambassador to China and then to Moscow until 1946. These papers of great family importance have been kept in perfect condition and with absolute responsibility by De Grujter and Co. ever since, during at least 73 years! I cannot think more highly of this exceptional service and kindness that tells all about De Gruijter & Co. and for which I will be eternally grateful.


Francisco Tudela van Breugel Douglas


Dear Mr. Buining,


I join a note for your website with the story of the metal case with my Granfather’s family papers. I hope that this note tells the story of this case and highlights the kindness and sense of responsability of De Gruijter & Co., as also my gratitude.


Yours Faithfully,


Francisco Tudela van Breugel Douglas

Exceptional service and kindness

“Thank you very much for the smooth move from Luxembourg to Switzerland. Family Hemelraad Reuder is perfectly satisfied with your services.

I am pleased to confirm, that you can put Vistra on your list for recommendations.

Thank you for your great support.”


Kind regards,

Executive Assistant Vistra Zürich AG

Verhuizen naar Zwitserland
Ursula Odermatt