Read the text below carefully and complete the form, including the required attachments.

Royal De Gruijter & Co, as importing moving company, will have to preform a pre-check for the Dutch Customs. By filling out this form and the required attachments De Gruijter & Co. is able to do the pre-check for the process for exemptions on the import of Household goods and motor vehicles. Failure to complete the form and / or the incomplete delivery of the required attachments can lead to a delay in the declaration. Delay in the declaration may delay delivery of your goods.

The final review and approval for the exemption will be done by Dutch Customs. Dutch Customs will maintain the right, after release under exemption, to
* perform a physical check and or scan the goods
* levy importduties up to 36 months after the exemption is granted if the the imported goods and possible motor vehicles do not meet the required conditions and/or the required enclosures are not available / incorrect.


To obtain the permit you must comply with the following conditions

  • You are moving from a country outside the European Union to the Netherlands,
  • You are going to live in the Netherlands, You transfer your former residence to the Netherlands
  • You lived outside the European Union for at least twelve consecutive months
  • You have owned and used the goods for at least six months
  • You have used the goods and are going to use them again
  • You are importing the goods within twelve months of coming to live in the Netherlands
  • You are not going to lend out, pledge, hire out or transfer ownership of the goods within the first twelve months after the date on which they were imported.

If you can not meet any of the above conditions, please contact your file holder or contact info@degruijter.nl

The exemption does not apply to the following goods:

• Alcoholic beverages
• Tobacco and tobacco products
• Commercial vehicles
• Non-portable materials for business purposes.

Are you also importing a means of transport?

Are you also importing a means of transport? You should specify this in question 5. Do you get an exemption from import tax? Then there are two separate declarations. One declaration for the goods and one declaration for the car or motor.


The following documents should be attached with your application:
• signed list of goods prepared by the removal company at origin and signed by you on every single page
• a copy of your passport (photo page), including your visa if applicable
• residing certificate from the Population Register of the Municipality in the Netherlands, showing on which date you have been based in the Netherlands

Do you want to import a car, motorcycle or some other means of transport?

In that case enclose a copy of:
• The receipt or proof of ownership
• The vehicle registration certificate
• Insurance certificate for the last year

1. Applicant

State here your new address in the Netherlands or other country of the European Union.


Question 1a



Postal code*


Telephone number*


Question 1b

Citizen service-, tax- or socialnumber*


2. Your new situation in the Netherlands or other country of the European Union

Question 2a

From what date have you lived, or from what date do you expect to live, in the Netherlands?*


Question 2b

What are you planning to do in the Netherlands?*

Extra information*


Question 2c

Is/are your family and/or partner also coming to the Netherlands?*

If no, please specify the reason why your family or partner isn't coming to the Netherlands.

If no, how many times do you expext to visit your famliy and/or partner?


3. Your situation in the country outside the European Union

These questions relate to the period you lived in a country outside the European Union before moving to the Netherlands.


Question 3a

What was your last address and place of residence before moving to the Netherlands during the past 12 months or longer?*


Question 3b

How long did you live at that/these address(es)? *


Question 3c

Did you have a home of your own or a rented home?*
Rental homeOwn home


Question 3d

During your stay in the country outside the European Union, did you already have housing in the Netherlands or other country of the European Union?*

If yes, state the address, town/city, country and date and year of leave.


4. Have you previously lived in the Netherlands or another country of the European Union?

Question 4a

Have you ever lived in the Netherlands or another country of the European Union*
yes, proceed with question 4bno, proceed with question 5


Question 4b

Did you live outside the European Union for a minimum of 12 months?
yes, proceed with question 4cno


Question 4c

On what date did you depart from the Netherlands or other country of the European Union?


Question 4d

What was the reason for your departure?

Please enter extra relevant information


5. Means of transport

Question 5a

Will you import a (motor) vehicle or any other means of transport?*
yes, proceed with question 5bno, proceed with question 6

What will you import?
CarTrailerCaravanMotorcyclePleasure craftLight aircraftOther

If other, please specify


Question 5b

What are the particulars thereof? If you are importing more than one means of transport, answer this question on a separate enclosure. (Place your name and signature on each enclosure)




Year of manufacture

Identification number

Registration or licence plate number

Date of issue of registration number or certificate of registration

Country of issue

Purchase date

Purchase amount


Extra Attachment with details


6. Animals

Note: You may only bring domestic animals into the Netherlands if they are pets and not intended for sale or commercial purposes. For certain kinds of animal special conditions apply. For more information call the Customs Tax Phone number 0800 - 0143. If you are calling from abroad call +31 45 574 30 31.


Question 6a

Are you importing one or more animals?*
yesno, proceed with question 7

If yes, state type(s) of animal and number per type


7. Other exemptions from tax

Question 7a

Have you applied for an exemption from tax for the same goods elsewhere?*
yes, proceed with question 7bno, proceed with question 8


Question 7b

At which customs authority and on what date did you apply for the exemption?


Question 7c

Were you granted exemption?

If no, state the reason why you were not granted exemption


8. Attachments

Please send the attachments needed for the application. Please note that the maximum size per file is 2mb.

Attachment 1

Attachment 2

Attachment 3

Attachment 4

Attachment 5

Attachment 6

Attachment 7

Attachment 8

Attachment 9

Attachment 10


9. Signature

The undersigned is aware of the fact that withholding information and / or untruthfully completing this form could lead to levying of customs duties, VAT and excise if your situation does not meet the conditions under which the goods and any motor vehicle may be imported into the Netherlands / the European Union under exemption. Customs can levy duties, VAT and excise even after the import is completed.


By signing this document the undersigned also states that he / she will bear the financial penalties imposed by Customs and will pay these directly to Customs within the given deadline.





Gruijter Referencenumber*


I hereby declare that the above information is completed fully and truthfully.


By sending us this online form an original signature is not necessary.